It will be our pleasure to provide you with a memorable and educational adoption experience. We ask that you pre-arrange your appointment, And pay a REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT FEE OF $700. We also respectfully ask that you read and agree to the following:

Please we DONT accept visitors without a 3-day PRIOR NOTICE.

Please do not come in contact with another breeder or another dog (other than your own fully vaccinated and healthy dog) 3 days prior to visiting our place.

Additionally, do not wear any shoes to our property that have EVER visited a dog park, public park, airport, or highway rest stop.

These four places are known to have an extremely high probability of harboring the deadly disease “Parvo”. Parvo can survive on the ground and on the soles of shoes for up to 7 years and can be transmitted to places where you walk. Compared to human viruses it’s like the Bubonic Plague (Black Death). Once you get it on your property or shoes, it’s virtually impossible to eradicate. Puppies are highly susceptible to this virus and the majority of the time, once infected, it will kill the whole litter and future litters.

This is the main reason why many other breeders DO NOT allow people to come to visit their properties. However, we appreciate having folks come visit us and we think that with a little effort on everyone’s part, we can keep our property Parvo-Free. We’re counting on you to help us keep our property Parvo-Free. If you do not have a “safe” pair of shoes to wear when you get here, just let us know and we’ll provide you with medical booties that you can slip over your shoes.

In Lieu of COVID-19, we will be doing all puppy pickups as care side adoptions to ensure minimal contact for you and for our team members. If you have any questions about transition feeding, puppy care, ad-on options, etc, please have your questions ready when you get to the club and we will take the time to care for your needs over the phone. Once you arrive at the club please have your photo ID ready and give us a call at (757) 571-5705. An adoption expert will go over your paperwork, answer questions and bring your new baby.


With this delivery option, your new puppy will have its own personal nanny throughout the entire travel/flight experience. As a soon-to-be puppy parent, you will be able to be in constant contact with the nanny throughout their journey. Our team of professionally trained puppy caregivers will bring your puppy as a carry-on to ensure their safety all the way to their new forever families. With the personal nanny experience, you can rest assured that your puppy will have one-on-one attention. We will accommodate your schedule to the best of our ability. If our flight nanny will be flying into an airport on the eastern seaboard the cost will be $350, all other flight nanny travel will be $500



By choosing our driving delivery option you can be assured your puppy will be under the care of a trained team member and will be safely delivered to you! One of our trusted team members will personally deliver your puppy to your home or any mutually agreed convenient location. The driving delivery will be available on Tuesdays only.

*travel dates and times will need preapproval by the driver and management.

We are not offering Driving Delivery at this time.

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10-Year Health Guarantee

Offering our clients a memorable adoption experience; our 10 Year Health guarantee comes with every pup.  If there is something that later comes up as a hereditary or congenital concern, you will have the peace of mind in knowing that we will stand behind your puppy. Welcoming a new family member into your home is an exciting journey, and we want to provide you with the utmost confidence in your adoption.

Dedicated Partner Breeders

We value the trusting relationship we have with our partner breeders who share our dedication and commitment to providing clients with healthy and socialized puppies. The health & welfare of our puppies is the top priority. When we visit their homes, it warms our hearts to see their devotion to the exercise, socialization, and exceptional veterinary care of their dogs