Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of questions that go into researching whether one of our maltipoos is right for you, so to help aid in your research, we’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions.

+ What is the price of your puppies?

Our Puppies are $1200 regardless of gender, size or color. Each Maltipoo comes with a health guarantee, a starter kit with food and a leash and collar, and a puppy aptitude report when the puppies reach 6 weeks of age. This will give you an idea of what each puppy’s personality will be like before choosing your puppy.

We offer puppy transportation anywhere in the U.S. Transportation via a puppy nanny.

You also have the option to enroll your new puppy in our obedience training program. Our training program starts out at $1,500 for the 3-week course.

Many of our customers have asked if we ever offer fully trained adult maltipoos. If you’re looking for an adult that is house trained and fully obedience trained, we do offer some on occasion. You can visit our Trained Maltipoos page to see pricing and availability.

+ Where are you located?

We are located in Suffolk, Virginia, and we transport nationwide.

You are also welcome to come visit if you want to pick your puppy up directly or even come visit before they’re ready to go home but we ask that you pre-arrange your appointment. We also respectfully ask that you read and agree to the following.

Please do not come in contact with another breeder or another dog (other than your own fully vaccinated and healthy dog) 3 days prior to visiting our place. Additionally, do not wear any shoes to our property that have EVER visited dog park, public park, airport or highway rest stop.

These four places are known to have an extremely high probability of harboring the deadly disease “Parvo”. Parvo can survive on the ground and on the soles of shoes for up to 7 years and can be transmitted to places where you walk. Compared to human viruses it’s like the Bubonic Plague (Black Death). Once you get it on your property or shoes, it’s virtually impossible to eradicate. Puppies are highly susceptible to this virus and the majority of the time, once infected, it will kill the whole litter and future litters.

This is the main reason why many other breeders DO NOT allow people to come to visit their properties. However, we appreciate having folks come visit us and we think that with a little effort on everyone’s part, we can keep our property Parvo-Free. We’re counting on you to help us keep our property Parvo-Free. If you do not have a “safe” pair of shoes to wear when you get here, just let us know and we’ll provide you with medical booties that you can slip over your shoes.

+ Do you ship puppies?

We offer puppy transportation anywhere in the U.S. A nanny will accompany your puppy for the duration of the trip. Traveling with a puppy nanny is a more comfortable environment for the puppy and the nanny is able to take your puppy on potty breaks while on the road traveling.

+ How do I adopt a Maltipoo?

You have a few choices when adopting a Maltipoo puppy from us, but first, you must fill out our Puppy Adoption Application to begin your adoption process. We will then contact you by email letting you know if you have been approved to adopt one of our puppies.

If approved, you will have the option to make a deposit and tell us whether you want to reserve a picking spot in an upcoming litter or choose from the available puppies we have on our site from time to time.

Upon occasion, we also have fully trained maltipoos available that you can reserve as well.

+ How can I find out more about Maltipoos?

We strive to provide the best information about Maltipoos to aid in your research. Our Maltipoo Information page has articles covering appearance, behavior, care, feeding, grooming, health, supplies, and much more.

+ Can you tell me more about your business?

Just For Maltipoo is the premier breeder and trainer of Maltipoos. Our breeding standards include taking care of and loving our parents. They are a part of our family and live with us in our home.

We also offer obedience training that is specialized for the Maltipoo breed. Our Maltipoo training programs include socializing maltipoos with other dogs, basic obedience commands like sit, stay, lay down, kennel, walking on a leash, and house training.

+ What supplies do I need for my puppy?

Getting your first puppy can be very exciting and you may want to run to your nearest pet store (or Amazon) and purchase all sorts of toys, treats, play pens, etc. But I urge you to take a step back and start simple.

We have a wonderful list of Puppy supply essentials to get things started which include a pet carrier, a bed, food and water bowls, a collar and leash, treats, and stain & order removers (for the occasional accidents in the home)

+ What are the best house training techniques?

House training is not something you can accomplish in just a few weeks. When your Maltipoo is still a puppy, it’s important to understand its bladder is still very weak, and frequent potty breaks are essential.

There are a lot of areas to cover with house training, so we wrote an article titled House Training Your Maltipoo which includes an infographic giving you the best tips.

+ What is your adoption process?

Puppies are only available to approved depositors. Start by filling out a Puppy Application.

Once you are approved and have placed a deposit, you have a couple of options:

  1. You can adopt any available puppy
  2. You can place your name on our Master List of Depositors We have 2 depositor master lists, which are separated according to the projected adult size of the Maltipoo puppies… Toy (4-9 lbs), Mini (10-20 lbs). Once we receive your deposit, your name will be added to the depositor master list in the size category of your choice. When we announce a new upcoming litter in your size category, we’ll notify you of the opportunity to transfer from the general master list to the specific upcoming litter. If you choose not to place your name on that upcoming litter, the opportunity will be given to the next depositor.

If you have any additional questions that are not covered on this page, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!